When you finally take the plunge to upgrade a gravel driveway to a paved one, you’ll not only be increasing the curb appeal of your home, but you’ll also have a brand-new play area to keep your children entertained — which is especially ideal if you want to keep young children from straying from your property. Skilled asphalt contractors will ensure that your new driveway is smooth, which will serve as the perfect “blackboard” for chalk-based games that should ideally engage your children for hours. Once the new driveway has dried, buy a large box of coloured sidewalk chalk and consider these different games for your children.

Customize Your Body

Children with vivid imaginations will love lying on the newly paved driveway while you carefully trace the outline of their bodies. Then, it’s time to engage your children’s minds and get them to brainstorm “people” they’d like to be. Then colour the body shapes accordingly. A police officer, firefighter, pop star, baseball player and superhero, as well as a long list of other appealing characters, can then be drawn onto each child’s silhouette to let your children’s imagination run wild — all within the safe confines of your new driveway.

Alphabet or Number Test

It’s ideal to make some children’s games focused around learning, and you can achieve this goal by drawing the letters of the alphabet or the numbers one through ten in a random order throughout the newly paved driveway. Provided your children are of the right age, you can then provide instructions for the kids to run to a certain letter or number. For older children, you can get creative by getting them to run to the letters to spell simple words, or you can pose basic arithmetic problems and have them run to the answer.

Traffic Game

Whether your kids are into playing with toy cars or are creative enough to imagine themselves behind the wheel of their own make-believe cars, you can create a virtual city on the asphalt driveway with chalk. Draw a series of streets, buildings and other city-related sights and have your children either play on the virtual city with their toys or, if you’ve drawn a larger-scale city, pretend to drive by moving around the streets and “steering” when they turn.

Xs and Os

Older children who can grasp the concept of tic-tac-toe will have fun drawing game boards on the asphalt and then placing their Xs and Os accordingly. When one game is over, they can simply move over a few inches and draw another game board — use a chalk scoreboard elsewhere on the driveway to keep track of the winners.

If you have yet to pave your driveway but are thinking seriously about it, consider contacting a local driveway paving specialist.