As a homeowner, the outside appearance of your home is likely to be as important as its interior. A huge part of its exterior appeal relates to the overall condition of your yard, so an effective watering system is essential. Fortunately, a drip irrigation sprinkler can deliver exactly the amount of water that you want your yard to have, while wasting very little of that valuable resource and saving time.

How Efficient Is Drip Irrigation?

It is first necessary to consider the current statistics about drip irrigation. Current information is that at least 90% of the water provided through drip irrigation is usable by the plants. That can be compared to standard sprinkler systems, where as little as 50% of the water given can be accessed and used by the plants and other greenery in your yard.  

Therefore, if you want a lush, green yard that benefits from your care without breaking the bank with a high water bill, drip irrigation is an ideal option.

Can I Change the Setup of Drip Irrigation?

It is also a good idea to remember that the design of your yard, the needs of your family and the landscaping that you choose may change in the next few years. Unfortunately, a standard sprinkler system is buried within the ground and changing the positioning of the pipes in the future is often both difficult and expensive.

The good news is that the pipes associated with drip irrigation systems are not buried. Due to that fact, it is much easier to move it around as your needs change in the future. In addition, if you live in an area that is prone to droughts or water restrictions, being able to limit the water output in the future will be very helpful during those times.

Can I Choose Which Plants I Want to Water, To Avoid Watering Weeds?

If you are tired of pulling weeds, drip irrigation is a good choice. Although results will not be immediate and you will still have a few weeds that pop up, by only providing water to the plants and grass that you want, you can prevent some of the weeds from growing.

In conclusion, choosing the right type of sprinkler system is crucial for a healthy yard with a lot of aesthetic appeal. When you want your yard to benefit as much as possible from the water it gets, while wasting very little, a drip irrigation system is a great choice.

For more information, contact a local sprinkler provider, such as Spring Showers Irrigation.