Window blinds are a wise investment when you are decorating your home. They can change the ambiance of the room by adding color or texture. Blinds can also add the piece de resistance that enhances the style that is already present in your decor. Another benefit of decorating with window blinds is that they can save you money on your utility bill. Opening them during cold weather allows the sunlight to warm the room and the blinds are effective at  blocking the sun’s rays during the warm months. Ways to transform the look of a room with blinds include:

  1. Add horizontal blinds to make the room and window seem larger. Conversely, you can use vertical blinds to make a tiny window appear longer or to make the ceilings seem higher in one section of the room.
  2. Choose textured blinds to accentuate the other decor in your home. For instance, if you have a bedroom that has Asian-inspired bedding, choose blinds that have a grass cloth texture. If you have a den that is decorated in a rustic style, choose blinds made of wood that coordinates with the other wood furniture in this casual living area.
  3. Selecting blinds that match a neutral-colored wall is a savvy way to make the window seem to disappear if that is what you desire. In addition, you can make a focal piece seem more dominant by adding blinds in one of the colors the piece features.
  4. Use white or off-white window blinds in rooms where you want the space to seem brighter and fresh looking. This is a wise solution to make small rooms have more pizzazz, such as a bathroom or tiny guest bedrooms.
  5. Create a beautiful contrast to walls that have dark paneling or paint colors by using white or pale colors to draw attention to the window areas. This is an excellent way to draw the eyes to a large picture window or a bay window in a kitchen or bedroom.
  6. Make the window shade seem like part of the decor. You can do this by purchasing blinds in the bold burgundy shade of your favorite silk bed pillows or by choosing black blinds to match a silk table runner in your dining room. Using the blinds in this manner ensures that the room has a well-balanced look.

Whether you choose to minimize or make the most out of the windows in your home, choosing the right color, texture and style will ensure that you create a space that reflects your joie de vivre!