How To Choose The Best Flooring When You Have Pets

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If you’re trying to find the best flooring and you have pets in your home, you have to consider how well the floor resists urine stains, claw scratches, and shedding. If you pick a good match, then you’ll have beautiful new floors that are easy to keep clean and sanitary. Here are some things to consider. Urine Stains Even if the pets you have now are well house-trained, you may get a new puppy, or your dog may get sick and start making messes in the house. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose flooring that is resistant to fluids. Carpet is the worst choice since it will soak up pet urine and begin to smell bad. Wood floors can be damaged if a wet spot is allowed to sit on the floor for a long time without being cleaned. The urine can seep into the wood and cause bad odors in your home. Tile, stone, and vinyl flooring are all excellent choices. They can be easily wiped clean with soap and disinfectant. They are resistant to liquid stains because they are waterproof. Since they can be cleaned so easily, they won’t hold onto pet odors. Scratches Tile, stone, and vinyl floors are hard surfaces, so scratches won’t show. A big dog can scratch a wood floor if you don’t keep the dog’s nails trimmed. Soft woods like pine scratch the easiest, so if you want a wood floor, but have a big dog, you should look into harder varieties of wood such as oak or hard maple. Otherwise, be sure to trim your pet’s nails on a regular basis. Carpeting doesn’t get scratched, but your pet’s nails can get caught in it. It’s best to avoid looped fibers because they can catch a nail and rip it off or twist your pet’s ankle. Shedding Shedding is only a problem when you have carpets. It’s an even bigger problem if you have an allergy to your pet’s hair or dander because the allergens collect in the carpet. Plan on vacuuming your carpet and upholstery often to keep it free from hair. While carpeting is the least suitable type of flooring for pets, it does have one big advantage. It’s so soft it makes a comfortable lounging place for your pets. If you choose stone, tile, or hardwood, remember the floors are hard and cold in the winter. Put down thick area rugs or pet beds so your pets can lounge in comfort. You don’t have to give up your first choice in flooring or your pet. If you want a floor that isn’t the most compatible for life with a pet, you can try alternatives such as blocking...

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3 Important Reasons To Have Shutters In Cases Of Natural Disaster

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Decades ago, shutters were very common on new homes, particularly as a form of protection from severe weather. Now, it is more common to find shutters on a home that are more decorative than functional. The good news is, homeowners can have shutters installed that both add to the beauty of their homes and offer protection to their homes. There are three important reasons you should add storm shutters to your windows in case of a disaster: Shutters Prevent Windows From Being Cracked, Chipped, or Broken Weather it’s a hurricane that’s coming or a tornado, or if it’s just a serious wind storm, if your windows don’t have shutters, they will not be protected from debris. In many natural disasters, high wind speeds can cause objects large or small to damage one or many windows on your home. Rolling storm shutters that are vinyl or metal will help block objects coming at your home at high speeds. The same is true for shutters that are installed in two pieces on each side of a window and close and latch like two doors coming together. Shutters Provide Energy Efficiency and Insulation Whenever severe weather comes, it’s particularly important to have insulation for your home. According to the Department of Energy, among the best ways to save on energy is to have shutters installed. Whether your concern is really cold weather on the outside or retaining the heat you have in your home, both metal roll-down shutters and louvered shutters will help keep your home from wasting energy. Louvered shutters are the most energy efficient and are often considered more attractive. Shutters Provide Security in Uncertain Times With any natural disaster, there can be problems with crime. As an added measure of security, shutters create an extra barrier of protection for your windows. Metal shutters are particularly sturdy and make it really hard for someone to break through a window area. Most shutters can be closed from within the house and locked. For the best security, it’s best to purchase roll-down, metal shutters than can be electronically rolled down from within your home. There are shutters that can be operated by remote control, which is probably the best option when it comes to security. It doesn’t matter if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters or not, installing shutters is worth the benefits in window protection, window insulation, and window security. They will add value to your home and help you feel prepared for any disaster that could happen. For more information, contact a local shutter supplier like First Class...

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